Membership in MEPI shall be accorded to a person on the basis of his position or function in the Company and the type of business the person’s company is engaged in. The position includes functions in general management, marketing management, market research, product management, sales management, training and sales force effectiveness. The types of business in order to qualify for membership are pharmaceuticals, nutritional and therapeutic formulas, medical equipment, devices, and supplies, diagnostics, biological/vaccines, medical media such as journals, pharmaceutical distribution and sales.


To be eligible for membership, both position/function and type of company criteria must be met. Membership is subject to acceptance by the Board of Trustees. For any inquiries on how to become a member please contact us.


2015 Officers & Board of Trustees



President Freddie S. Madregallejo
Metro Drug, Inc.
1st Vice-President Romy B. Carbonel RBC-MDC Corporation
2nd Vice-President Elena T. Lam IMS Health Phils., Inc.
3rd Vice-President Aboy T. Dy South Star Drug, Inc.  
Secretary Ace T. Itchon Aspen Philippines, Inc.
Treasurer  Oliver B. Dacillo Servier Philippines, Inc.  
Trustee Jojo R. Aldeguer
 Getz Bros Philippines, Inc.
Trustee Mario P. Chan

Trustee  Danny S. Chiong  Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils.), Inc.

Trustee Aris C. Geronimo
Sanofi Pasteur Phil., Inc.
Trustee Chuchay T. Javier
Merck, Inc.
Trustee Bien C. Lazaro
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Phils., Inc.
Trustee Maya T. Leander
GlaxoSmithKline Phils. Inc.
Trustee Melanie M. Lantin Medicomm Pacific, Inc.
Trustee Debbie Q. Pangan The Generics Pharmacy
Executive Director Noli R. Galias

 Meiven Marketing and

 Consulting Inc.



MEPI Members

ADP Pharma Corporation ADP Pharma Corporation Pedro B. Pacis Jr.
Ambica International Trading Corp. Ambica International Trading Corp. Deepak Bhatia
Aspen Philippines, Inc. Aspen Philippines, Inc. Marcelina T. Itchon
Astellas Pharma Philippines, Inc Astellas Pharma Philippines, Inc Isamu Sakurai
Boie, Inc. Alexander A. Depnag
Galderma Philippines, Inc. Galderma Philippines, Inc. Jade Ponoc
GB Distributors, Inc. J Marlo De Gala Parong
Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc. Getz Bros. Philippines, Inc. Lyn John Aldeguer
Edgar S. David
Ma.Josefina D. Caling
Getz Pharma Getz Pharma Averell Gaspar
GlaxoSmithKline Phils., Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Phils., Inc. Maria Palmyra T. Leander
Ma. Concepcion A. Dancel
Gian Carlo C. Tan
Melissa N. Yupangco
Glenmark Philippines, Inc. Glenmark Philippines, Inc.
GX International, Inc. GX International, Inc. Jeffry S. Cortez
Hi-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. Hi-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. Kit Marcelo
IMS Health Phils., Inc. IMS Health Phils., Inc. Elena T. Lam
iNova Pharmaceuticals, Inc. iNova Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Evangelito Ardeta
Isopharma, Inc. Isopharma, Inc. Paul Roland R. Cedeño
Johnson & Johnson (Phils.) Inc. Johnson & Johnson (Phils.) Inc. Cristina M. Sabarre
L. Meyerf Pharma, Inc. L. Meyerf Pharma, Inc. Earl Stanley Perez
Littman Drug Corporation Littman Drug Corporation Teodoro C. Lim
Medicomm Pacific, Inc. Medicomm Pacific, Inc. Ma. Melanie M. Lantin
Emmanuel U. Lantin
Melvin S. Manalo
Sennie Tolentino
MediMarketing - UBM Medica MediMarketing - UBM Medica
Merck Sharp & Dohme Phils., Inc. Merck Sharp & Dohme Phils., Inc. Allan Marx B. Ancheta
Michael Andrew S. Blanch
Marjotin C. Javellana
Merck, Inc. Merck, Inc. Ma. Consuelo T. Javier
Metro Drug, Inc. Metro Drug, Inc. Freddie Madregallejo
Natrapharm Natrapharm Christina Ravelo
New Marketlink Pharmaceuticals Corp. New Marketlink Pharmaceuticals Corp. Cesar Cayas
Nycomed Nycomed Norman Zara
Genevive C. Mercurio
Dollette Wong
One Pharma Company Inc. One Pharma Company Inc. Danilo R. Olanosa
Oxford Distributions, Inc. Oxford Distributions, Inc. Amando B. Salva
Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. Princess P. Fernando
Pharex HealthCorp Pharex HealthCorp Timmie S.D. Guillermo
Pharmahex. Inc. Pharmahex. Inc. Eugenio C. Santos
Pharmline Medforce, Inc. Jerry E. Davis
RBC-MDC Corporation RBC-MDC Corporation Romeo B. Carbonel, Jr.
Sandoz Philippines Corp. Sandoz Philippines Corp. Raymund Leopando
Sankem Healthcare, Inc. Sankem Healthcare, Inc. Nicetas Marilyn Z. Quetula
Sanofi Pasteur Sanofi Pasteur Aris C. Geronimo
Scheeling Pharma Care Link, Inc. Scheeling Pharma Care Link, Inc. Mario Chan
Servier Philippines, Inc. Servier Philippines, Inc. Oliver B. Dacillo
South Star Drug Inc. South Star Drug Inc. Manuel T. Dy
Sydenham Laboratories, Inc. Sydenham Laboratories, Inc. Pedro Y. De Jesus, Jr.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Takeda Pharmaceuticals Bienvenido C. Lazaro
The Cathay Drug Company, Inc. The Cathay Drug Company, Inc. Stephen Y. Gan
The Generics Pharmacy The Generics Pharmacy Debbie Pangan
Total Nutrition Corp. Total Nutrition Corp. Julian Felipe B. Segovia
Vendiz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vendiz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Edgar Philip C. Dizon
Vizcarra Pharma Vizcarra Pharma Sherwen Terrado-Talag
Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils.), Inc. Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils.), Inc. Danilo S. Chiong
Zuellig Pharma Corp. Zuellig Pharma Corp. Florentino Salvador Jr.
Cesar Reyes